Solo Music

Andy Summers’ Music

The music of Andy Summers can’t be limited to defined categories. Andy Summers music  is a unique and personal spin on influences from jazz, classical, world music, rock ‘n roll, and pop. His status as a guitar legend is built upon a foundation of experimentation in both cerebral and visceral sounds. Every time Andy puts out a new solo album or collaboration, he never disappoints fans with his improvisational skill, singular compositions, and ability to sidestep obvious musical conventions.

Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Andy Summers discography starts with his first professional gig as guitar player for Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, a popular British rhythm and blues band in the mid-1960s. Andy was featured on such albums as It Should Have Been Me and Transition. Two albums were re-released with the group in 1999 and 2000.

Dantalion’s Chariot, The Animals, Kevin Coyne, and Others

Preceding his stint with The Police, Andy played with a number of British acid rock and rock and roll acts such as Eric Burdon and The Animals. Highlights from this era in his career include Love Is with the Animals and Heartburn and Matching Head and Feet with Kevin Coyne.  The late nineties saw the release of the Dantalion’s Chariot album.

The Police

Most well-known for his work with legendary rock group, The Police, Andy contributed his guitar talents to such ground breaking and multi-platinum albums as Message In A Box, Synchronicity, Outlandos D’Amour, Regatta De Blanc, Zeyatta Mondatta, Ghost In The Machine, Live, The SinglesStrontium 90 and 2008’s Certifiable DVD from The Police’s 2007-2009 world tour. The Police were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 and Andy won five Grammys for his performances with this epic band.

Andy Summers – The Solo Albums

After leaving The Police, Andy finally had the freedom to explore his unparalleled talent as a guitar player, songwriter, and composer. As written by Bradley Bambarger, “Andy’s solo albums resonate with a spirit and invention only hinted at by his Police work.”  As a solo artist, Andy Summers has cultivated his fascination with jazz, world music, and improvisation. His solo albums include XYZ, Mysterious Barricades, The Golden Wire, Charming Snakes, World Gone Strange, Synaethesia, The Last Dance of Mr. X, Retrospective, Green Chimneys, Peggy’s Blue Skylight, Earth + Sky, The X Tracks, Metal Dog, Triboluminescence, and Harmonics of the Night.


Andy has also taken the opportunity in recent years to collaborate with other artists of exceptional talent such as John Etheridge, Robert Fripp, Fernanda Takai, Ben Verdery, and Victor Biglione. Some of his popular collaboration albums include I Advance Masked and Bewitched with Robert Fripp, Invisible Threads with John Etheridge, Strings of Desire and Splendid Brazil with Victor Biglione, and First You Build A Cloud with Ben Verdery. In 2009 Andy recorded with Brazilian legend Roberto Menescal. In 2012 Andy wrote and produced the album Fundamental in collaboration with Fernanda Takai the Brazilian singer of the band Pato Fu.

Film Scores

While living in Los Angeles, Andy Summers has also written a number of beautiful film scores, writing or contributing to the scores of such films as Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Weekend at Bernie’s, 2010, and Wild Life.  To this day, he continues to create music, produce, and share his artistic side with the world through his writing and photography.