Green Chimneys

Brilliant Corners
Monk’s Dream
‘Round Midnight
Bemsha Swing
Shuffle Boil
Boo Boo’s Birthday
Ugly Beauty
Think Of One
Light Blue/Rhythm-a-ning
Ruby My Dear

Andy Summers
Guitar, Banjo, Dobro

Dave Carpenter: Upright and Electric Basses
Peter Erskine: Drums
Sting: Vocal on ‘Round Midnight
Hank Roberts: Cello
Joey de Francesco: Hammond B-3 Organ
Steve Taviglione: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Clarinet
Walt Fowler: Trumpet
Bernie Dresel: Drums on “Boo Boo’s Birthday”
and “Rhythm-a-ning”

Produced by Andy Summers & Eddie King
assisted by Dennis Smith

Recorded by Eddie King at:
Megatrax, Hollywood, CA
Haunted Horse, Venice Beach, CA
and Il Palagio, Florence, Italy

Mixed by Eddie King at Megatrax

Recorded Sept – 11.98

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, Los Angeles

Art Direction, Photography & Design: Norman Moore

Thanks to the musicans who played on this record.

A special thank you to Steve Cardenas, Steve Gates,
Dave Carpenter, Sting
and my family- Kate, Layla, Mo & Anton

David Carpenter records for Fuzzy Music
Peter Erskine records for ECM Records and Fuzzy Music
Hank Roberts appears courtesy of Level Green Recording Co.
Sting appears courtesy of A&M Records
Steve Tavaglione appears courtesy of Unitone Records


I was sixteen when I first heard Monk’s music. It knocked me out, got under my skin. It was jazz but it was something else, African – magical-cubist – primitive – Monk’s world. At the time I was listening hard to “Monk at the Town Hall” A friend loaned me his copy, I loved it and spent many hours hunched over a Dansette trying to get my teenage fingers around those tunes. Monk came to England, I had to see him play. It was six hours on a cold train to London. I wasn’t disappointed, he played solo piano, sandwiched between Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge. Monk took the music to another place altogether. His playing hit me in the gut – it was the essence, the distillation of jazz and the American life. A black and white movie. I couldn’t talk about it then, only sense it – feel it. I have always loved Monk and his music, he created his own universe, one that has not only stood the test of time, but also been a wonderful inspiration. Thanks Monk!

Summers 01.99