Police Around the World Police Around the World
This is the video that turned me from a Police “fan” into a true “fanatic”. A video chronicle of the Police’s first world tour, the viewer is invited along with the band to explore Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, France, Latin America, and finally end up in Los Angeles. The stage performances showcase the band playing with a frenzy and passion that would not be matched during their superstardom years. (In fact, sometimes you could say they got TOO passionate–Stewart drives them like a madman through some numbers, and Sting gets into a swearing and spitting match with an audience member in France.)
Outlandos to Synchronicities Outlandos to Synchronicities
Outlandos to Synchronicities [VHS] (1995)Andy Summers on Guitar, Stewart Copeland on drums and the one and only Sting on Bass and vocals.
This video is the best video that has ever been released by the Police. My personal favorite songs on this video are

“Fallout” from Hatfield polytechnic Feb 21 1979 the first ever live preformance of “Message in a Bottle” which was not recorded yet, also from Hatfield Polytechnic. Honestly all their songs are great and a must have from any Police fan!

United Kingdom of Ipanema United Kingdom of Ipanema
Participações Especiais de Cris Delanno / Bossacucanova / Cristina Braga / Fernanda Takai / Leila Pinheiro / Luiz Carlos Miele / Marcos Valle & Pery Ribeiro“Na realização deste DVD apresentei ao Andy Summers um pouco da história da Bossa Nova, suas músicas, personagens e lugares que fazem parte da trajetória deste estilo musical. Com certeza, depois deste nosso encontro, Andy foi assumido por nós como legítimo bossanovista.” Roberto Menescal
The Police Certifiable THE POLICE: CERTIFIABLE
Thirty years after they first stormed the music scene, legendary rock band The Police, bassist/vocalist Sting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers, embarked on a reunion tour on May 28, 2007. This highly successful world tour visited five continents, played to nearly 3.7 million fans and garnered numerous accolades from Billboard, Pollstar, as well as The People’s Choice award for Favorite Reunion Tour. It also went down in history as the third highest grossing tour of all-time. Now, following their much heralded 14-month reunion tour, The Police commemorate the culmination of the tour with a special release.
The Police Every Breath You Take THE POLICE: EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE
Together for the first time on DVD… the original videos of the songs that have stormed the charts throughout the world from 1979’s “Roxanne” to the 1986 version of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” via the controversial “Invisible Sun” and the classic “Every Breath You Take”–one of the world’s greatest bands perform their greatest hits now in 5.1 surround and digitally remastered stereo… on DVD.
Offering a rare chance to see a full-length concert by the Police, this release transports viewers back to 1984, with a show from their final tour. Shot in Atlanta in November 1983, Sting and his faithful cohorts Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers perform a selection of hits from throughout their career, including songs such as “Message in a Bottle,” “Every Breath You Take,” and “So Lonely.” To complete the package, the band are interviewed in Melbourne on another date on the Synchronicity tour, making this a comprehensive document of their final days.
Andy Summers Guitar ANDY SUMMERS: GUITAR
Andy Summers not only teaches some great guitar parts from his years with The Police, he demonstrates some more advanced playing plus jazz and blues styles.