1 - Bring On The Night w/ 40 Fingers
2 - Roxanne (Instrumental)
3 - A Certain Strangeness
4 - City of Crocodiles
5 - Chronosthesia
6 - Harmonics of the Night
7 - Mirror in the Dirt
8 - Spell
9 - Anaheim Solo Jam
10 - Anaheim Jam with Stewart Copeland
11 - Books and Co. Throb Book Signing, 1983
12 - Ave Maria with Geeta Novotny
13 - Dressing Room Jam with The Police
14 - Call The Police, Lima, Peru
15 - Live Police DVD
16 - Dajit Dhaliwal Interview
17 - Andy On Craig Ferguson
18 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
19 - Andy and Bill
20 - Big Thing
21 - Breakfast Time TV
22 - Cherry Blossoms
23 - Driven to Tears
24 - Footprints
25 - I Advance Masked
26 - Last Dance of Mr. X
27 - Making 2010
28 - Mother
29 - Noodles
30 - Parade
31 - Pennies From Heaven
32 - Another You Trailer
33 - The Police 1983
34 - Shine



Andy Summers Videos

As a writer, performer, photographer, producer, and guitar legend, Andy Summers has appeared in a number of videos over the years ranging from television interviews to promo videos to music videos. The following Andy Summers videos show the artist in a number of different stages and aspects of his distinguished career.  Some of the videos also feature Andy with The Police. Visit the Andy Summers Music YouTube Channel.

Anaheim Solo Jam – Improv at Anaheim soundcheck.

Anaheim Jam with Stewart Copeland – Improv at Anaheim soundcheck.

Books & Co. Throb Book Signing, 1983 

Ave Maria – Andy accompanies Geeta Novotny for the David Lynch Foundation.

Dressing Room Jam – Backstage jam during a Police tour with Sting and Stewart.

Call The Police – Lima, Peru, September 2019.

Certifiable Live Police DVD – An advertisement of the DVD chronicling The Police’s reunion tour. The tour was the third highest grossing concert tour of all time.

Dajit Dhaliwal Interview – Television interview with Andy revolves around the I’ll Be Watching You exhibit that was held at Milk Gallery in New York concurrent with The Police reunion tour.

Andy on Craig Ferguson – Andy discusses the release of his autobiography, One Train Later, in this humorous late night interview.

Andy and Bill – In the Nice Airport.

Big Thing – Live performance from the The Last Dance of Mr. X.

Breakfast Time TV – British TV interview regarding Andy Summers photography.

Cherry Blossoms – A short live recording of Andy playing a legendary Japanese folk song backstage at the Blue Note, Tokyo.

Driven to Tears – Live guitar solo from Athens, Greece with the Police.

Footprints – Andy’s version of the great Wayne Shorter song, Footprints.

I Advance Masked – A close up of Andy’s hands playing a solo on I Advance Masked with Robert Fripp.

Last Dance of Mr. X – A surreal music video to accompany the quirky composition by Andy Summers.

Making 2010 – An inside look at a recording session for the film score of 2010.

Mother – A music video for the Police track written by Andy.

Noodles – Andy eats noodles.

Parade – The music video for pop track, “Parade”.

Pennies from Heaven – Andy bursts into song with this classic at the Blue Note, Tokyo.

Another You Trailer – Andy’s cameo appearance in the Richard Pryor film.

The Police 1983 – A short compilation of clips of The Police. When asked how long the band will last, Andy comments, “We don’t break up as much as we used to.”

Shine – Andy sings an acoustic version of the song “Shine”.

The Police 1983 – A short compilation of clips of The Police. When asked how long the band will last, Andy comments, “We don’t break up as much as we used to.”

Sword Fight – Andy and Sting engage in a backstage sword fight.