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Andy Summers Interview with Robert Cuvuoto

Listen to or read the transcription of an interview with Andy Summers and Robert Cuvuoto. Andy talks about his recent studio album “Harmonics of the Night” and his belief that “the point of writing music is to touch people in some way”. VISIT THE SITE TO LISTEN OR READ THE INTERVIEW

SOAL Night Live- The Musical Talk Interview with Andy Summers

For Episode #107 of the SOAL Night Live- The Musical Talk Show Andy Summers dropped by to discuss his latest projects including his new book of occasionally semi-biographical short stories, “Fretted and Moaning” and his new album of instrumental guitar, “Harmonics In The Night”. We also discuss his love of photography, thoughts on prog rock, […]

Andy Summers | Chronosthesia | Harmonics of The Night Video

Watch the Andy Summers video for Chronosthesia from the upcoming Harmonics of the Night release. ‘Harmonics of the Night’ is the third in what he conceived of as a trilogy of recordings. Following on from ‘Metal Dog’ and ‘Triboluminescence’. The music for Harmonics of the Night came from a real-life situation, which was the occasion […]