Louder Than War Interview with Andy Summers

Dan Volohov from Louder Than War spoke to Andy Summers about the relationship between writing and composing, the fragility of music, the photographic sense of Harmonics Of The Night, the organics of The Police and mental geography.

Going back to the ’60s, Summers has always been an active player. Within the formation of The Police, Andy created one of the most outstanding guitar sounds of the late ’70s-early ’80s. His creativity is not that different now; Summers is still one of the artists I’d call “an innovator”, even though, thinking about Andy Summers the solo artist, most listeners would think about his experiments with Robert Fripp and Andy’s solo-debut – XYZ.

Photographer, writer, composer, improviser and the nicest guy, Summers has just released his newest LP – Harmonics Of The Night.