Andy Summers | Harmonics of The Night | A Certain Strangeness Video

Watch the Andy Summers video for A Certain Strangeness from the recently released Harmonics of the Night album.

‘Harmonics of the Night’ is the third in what he conceived of as a trilogy of recordings. Following on from ‘Metal Dog’ and ‘Triboluminescence’.

The music for Harmonics of the Night came from a real-life situation, which was the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of my photography at the Pavilion Populaire in Montpellier.

I was able to visit the museum in advance of the opening and decided this time (instead of the usual unsuitable music being played by the whatever gallery!) that I must make a music installation to accompany the photography on the wall, a piece that could be looped and thus provide a continual musical counterpoint to the visual.

I made a twenty-minute single guitar improvisation. A Certain Strangeness: This piece put a certain approach in my head and pointed me in the direction of eleven more tracks. These pieces which vary from minimalist approaches to African influenced dance pieces and are what I consider the sonic parallels to the photography.

The album will be released by Flickering Shadow on October 15th. Keep your eyes peeled!

* A Certain Strangeness
* City Of Crocodiles
* Aeromancer
* Chronosthesia
* Harmonics Of The Night
* Mirror In The Dirt
* Prairie
* Fantoccini
* Aphelion
* Spell
* Inamorata
* Strange Return