Andy Summers | Harmonics of The Night | City of Crocodiles Video

Watch the Andy Summers video for City of Crocodiles from the recently released Harmonics of the Night album.

‘Harmonics of the Night’ is the third in what he conceived of as a trilogy of recordings. Following on from ‘Metal Dog’ and ‘Triboluminescence’.

The music for Harmonics of the Night came from a real-life situation, which was the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of my photography at the Pavilion Populaire in Montpellier.

I was able to visit the museum in advance of the opening and decided this time (instead of the usual unsuitable music being played by the whatever gallery!) that I must make a music installation to accompany the photography on the wall, a piece that could be looped and thus provide a continual musical counterpoint to the visual.

I made a twenty-minute single guitar improvisation. A Certain Strangeness: This piece put a certain approach in my head and pointed me in the direction of eleven more tracks. These pieces which vary from minimalist approaches to African influenced dance pieces and are what I consider the sonic parallels to the photography.

Music and photography : Andy Summers
Digital Editing : Dennis Smith
Leica Camera Germany
Flickering Shadow Records
A Flickering Shadow Production

* A Certain Strangeness
* City Of Crocodiles
* Aeromancer
* Chronosthesia
* Harmonics Of The Night
* Mirror In The Dirt
* Prairie
* Fantoccini
* Aphelion
* Spell
* Inamorata
* Strange Return