Andy Summers | Harmonics of The Night | City of Crocodiles Video

Watch the Andy Summers video for City of Crocodiles from the recently released Harmonics of the Night album. ‘Harmonics of the Night’ is the third in what he conceived of as a trilogy of recordings. Following on from ‘Metal Dog’ and ‘Triboluminescence’. The music for Harmonics of the Night came from a real-life situation, which […]

Renaissance Man: Andy Summers On His New Instrumental Album And Collection Of Short Stories

To a global audience, guitar legend Andy Summers is synonymous with his former band the Police. But the British musician, who has also forged a successful and adventurous solo career, is also a longtime accomplished photographer. His works have been displayed in museums and galleries, including at the Pavillon Populaire in Montpellier, France in 2019. When he visited […]

Louder Than War Interview with Andy Summers

Dan Volohov from Louder Than War spoke to Andy Summers about the relationship between writing and composing, the fragility of music, the photographic sense of Harmonics Of The Night, the organics of The Police and mental geography. Going back to the ’60s, Summers has always been an active player. Within the formation of The Police, […]

Andy Summers Interview with Darren Paltrowitz

WATCH ON YOUTUBE VIEW ON THE HYPE MAGAZINE SITE As one-third of The Police, Andy Summers was a huge part of one of the biggest bands of all time. Summers’ success as a guitarist though, preceded his time with The Police, as the virtuoso player had already toured and/or recorded with the likes of The Soft Machine, […]

Andy Summers Interview with Robert Cuvuoto

Listen to or read the transcription of an interview with Andy Summers and Robert Cuvuoto. Andy talks about his recent studio album “Harmonics of the Night” and his belief that “the point of writing music is to touch people in some way”. VISIT THE SITE TO LISTEN OR READ THE INTERVIEW