Andy Summers XYZ

Love Is The Strangest Way
How Many Days
Eyes Of A Stranger
The Change
Scary Voices
The Only Road
Hold Me

Andy Summers
Guitar, bass, vocals

David Hentschel
Keyboards, drum programs

Michael G Fisher
Percussion on Nowhere,
Love Is The Strangest Way and Almost There

Nan Vernon
Accompanying vocals on Love Is The Strangest Way
How Many Days and Almost There;
backing vocals on Eyes Of A Stranger

Chris Childs
Bass on Eyes Of A Stranger

Rik May
Bass on Hold Me

Abraham Laboriel
Bass on Scary Voices

Oren, Julia & Maxine Walters
Backing vocals on Nowhere, Hold Me and How Many Days

Greta Gold
Additional backing vocals on Eyes Of A Stranger

Bob Casale
Recording engineer

Dennis Smith
Technical assistant

All lyrics by Andy Summers

All compositions by Andy Summers
except Nowhere,
How Many Days and Hold Me
composed by Andy Summers/David Hentschel
and XYZ composed by
Andy Summers/David Hentschel/Charlotte Caffey

Produced by David Hentschel and Andy Summers
Mixed by David Hentschel and Bob Casale

Recorded at Devo Studios, Los Angeles California,
Summer 1986

Photography by Anton Corbijn

Art direction by Andrew Ellis & Richard Evans, Icon, London

I’d especially like to thank Charlotte Caffey for her help and encouragement
at the beginning and to David, Dennis and Bob without whom …
and also and even Devo for the use of their studio.

To Venice Beach for the sand in my bed and the songs in my head …

Dedicated with love to X,Y and Z