Mysterious Barricades

Mysterious Barricades

Red Balloon
Mysterious Barricades
When That Day Comes
Train Song
Satyric Dancer
Shining Sea
Emperor’s Last Straw
In Praise Of Shadows
The Lost Marbles
How Can I Forget

Andy Summers

Electric/acoustic guitars: David Hentschel
Keyboards Recording engineer: Bob Casale

Technical assistance: Dennis Smith

Mixed by Hentschel/Casale/Summers
Recorded 10.21.81
at Devoland, Mar Vista, California

Produced by Andy Summers and David Hentschel
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering,
Hollywood California

Digitally mixed on Mitsubishi’s X80All music written by Andy Summers
published by Evoke Music Inc. (BMI)
except Red Balloon, Satyric Dancer & The Lost Marbles,
written by: Andy Summers & David Hentschel,
published by: Evoke Music, Inc (BMI)/David Hentschel Music (PRS)

Cover painting by Anne Seelbach
‘The Blue House’
Colour portrait: Bonnie Schiffman
Black & White portrait: Marc Abraham
Still life photo: Andy summers

Art direction: Norman Moore Dedicated to the spirit of Eric SatiePrivate Music 1987

Album Review


EX-POLICE GUITARIST Andy Summers Mysterious Barricades (Private Music) should come as a pleasant shock to those who dismiss all New Age instrumental music as self-indulgent cosmic doodling. Summers’ guitar-and-keyboard opus recalls a less abstract but more spiritually vibrant version of Brian Eno’s otherworldly soundscapes. Gentle arpeggios create a kind of celestial geometry through which flow smears, blurs and other guitar graffiti similar to those of his work on the Police’s Tea in the Sahara. The result is as artful and graceful as a Zen painting. Elsewhere, Summers creates an almost holographic space populated with achingly beautiful chords that hang suspended in a numinous dreamscape that seems more real than life. This is music perfectly balanced between active and passive listening-the sort of thing you put on at night while working or resting. A genuinely healing musical experience.