Outlandos to Synchronicities


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Outlandos to Synchronicities [VHS] (1995)

Andy Summers on Guitar, Stewart Copeland on drums and the one and only Sting on Bass and vocals.
This video is the best video that has ever been released by the Police. My personal favorite songs on this video are

“Fallout” from Hatfield polytechnic Feb 21 1979 the first ever live preformance of “Message in a Bottle” which was not recorded yet, also from Hatfield Polytechnic. Honestly all their songs are great and a must have from any Police fan!

And when their eloquence escapes you…” August 18, 2002

Since this stellar video is packed with plenty of concert footage and interviews with Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, and Sting, it is obviously worth owning.
They are masterful musicians, and this splendid video spans their career, from the humble beginning to the penultimate Shea Stadium concert that was an epiphany for Sting (a story I had never heard before).

Best of all, “Outlandos…” contains illuminating interviews with the Police’s FOURTH member: their manager, Miles Copeland. His commitment to the band’s success is stirring, and his strong personality is an electrifying display of competent authority. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Copeland at one of Sting’s solo concerts, and this video perfectly captures his obvious power and grace.

As a fan of the Police, I could not imagine passing this video by. It’s the best music-based video I’ve seen since Van Halen’s Live DVD (which features valuable subtitles)!