Zenyatta Mondatta

Don’t Stand So Close Too Me
Driven To Tears
When The World Is Running Down
Canary In A Coal Mine
Voices Inside My Head
Bombs Away
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Da
Behind My Camel
Man In A Suitcase
Shadows In The Rain
The Other Way Of Stopping

Andy Summers

Stewart Copeland

Bass & Vocals

Produced by The Police & Nigel Gray
Recorded at Wissellord Studios
Hilversum, Netherlands

Engineered by Nigel Gray

Mastered at A&M Recording studios
by Frank DeLuna & Marv Bornstein

Art Direction: Michael Ross
Design: Michael Ross & Simon Ryan
Front cover photography: Janette Beckman

Back cover photography:
Watal Asanuma, Miles Copeland, Danny Quatrochi

Inner sleeve photography:
Watal Asanuma, Miles Copeland, Danny Quatrochi,
Michael Ross, Janette Beckman, Anton Corbijn,
Gabor Scott, Adrian Boot,
Kim Turner, Akihiro Takayama