CD 1
Next To You
So Lonely
Truth Hits Everybody
Walking On The Moon
Hole In My Life
Fall Out
Bring On The Night
Message In A Bottle
The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Can’t Stand Losing You
Born In The 50’s
Be My Girl/Sally
CD 2
Synchronicity I
Synchronicity II
Walking In Your Footsteps
Message In A Bottle
O My God
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Tea In The Sahara
Spirits In The Material World
King Of Pain
Don’t Stand So Close To Me
Every Breath You Take
Can’t Stand Losing You
So Lonely

Andy Summers

Stewart Copeland

Bass & Vocals

by Andy Summers for The Police

Executive producers:
The Police & Miles Copeland

Disc One
all tracks written by Sting
except 6,10,13,15
Track 6: Written by Stewart Copeland
Tracks 10,13: Written by Sting/S.Copeland
Track 15: Wrotten by Sting/A.Summers

Disc Two
all tracks written by Sting

Final Remix of Synchronicity Live by
David Tickle at The Journey Room
Malibu, California
Mix engineer Wolfgang Amadeus
except “Tea In The Sahara” by Eddie King
at Kingsound Studios,
North Hollywood, California
Assistant Jun Murakawa

Mastering by David Collins,
assisted by Patricia Sullivan
at A&M Mastering Hollywood, California

The Synchronicity concert was originally recorded at The Omni in Atlanta,
November 1983. Audio recording engineer was Eddie Offord. Originally
mixed by Tim Summerhayes at Odyssey Recording Studios in London and
by Pete Smith with assistance from Chris Stone at Utopia Studios in
London. Post audio by Bob Predovich and Paul Massey from Masters Workshop
Corp., Toronto, Canada.

Backing vocals/Atlanta: Tessa Niles, Dolette McDonald, Michelle Cobbs.

The Orpheum Concert was recorded and broadcast live by WBCN, Boston, November 1979.

Special thanks to:
Ian Copeland, Tam Fairgrieve, Danny Quatrochi, Jeff Seitz,
Billy Francis, Alletta Y L Kriak, Clair Brothers Audio,
Pete Sandweiss, Harry Magee, Sian Hall, David Abrahams, Paula McTaggart,
Kristin McLeod, Sharon Macy-Watson, Oedipus, Carter Alan, Starfleet
Studios, Upstage Lighting.

Management: Miles Copeland/Kim Turner

Photography: Lynn Goldsmith, Jill Furmanovsky

Art Direction & Design: Norman Moore
Design Art Inc.