Invisible Threads with John Etheridge

Invisible Threads  with John Etheridge
Broken Brains
Stoneless Counts
The Big Gliss
Counting The Days
Radiant Lizards
Monk’s Mood
Little Transgressions

Andy Summers

John Etheridge

Produced by Andy Summers

Andy & John play acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars and acoustic bass.

Recorded May 25th – June 14th 1993 at Blast Studios

Mixed June 17th – June 23rd
at Studio 55, Hollywood California.

Recorded & Mixed by Eddie King
Technical Production Assistant: Dennis Smith

Mastered by Eddie Schreyer
at Future Disc Systems

Art Direction & Design: Norman Moore

Cover photo: “Passage In Venice”
by Andy Summers

All compositions published by Final Curtain Music (BMI)
except for “Nuages”
published byCalgems – EMI Music Inc. (ASCAP)
and “Monk’s Mood”
published by Music Sales Corp (ASCAP)

Copyright 2002
A. Summers/ J. Etheridge
Licensed exclusively to Favored Nations LLC.

When I first met John he had just had a baby, or at least his wife had, I had mine coming. We were both playing in bands around London. Soon I diyed my hair bright orange and announced that I was in The Police. This led to considerable confusion, I lost a lot of friends, and the few remaining said that it was over for me, I had lost my marbles. Meanwhile I was working out a really cool version of “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” with John, on acoustic guitar. John went to europe with the Soft Machine, I went to the East coast of America to play in punk clubs, I left the stage at C.B.G.B.’s and made it back to London on a 6 am flight from New York, to put on a white hospital robe and witness the birth of my daughter. I met John on Hampstead Heath and we worked out a nice acoustic version of “‘Round Midnight”. It rained. We sat under a tree and discussed the health benefits of negative ions. It’s been going on like this for years. Is this record the beginning or the end?
It feels a bit like Casablanca.