British Weekly: Andy Summers photo exhibit opens April 25th

FORMER POLICE guitarist Andy Summers has been turning his hand in recent years to photography, and a new exhibition of his work, entitled “Mysterious Barricades” opens at the Raleigh Studios on Melrose Avenue for three nights only on April 25th.

andy-summers_edited-1The exhibition will feature a series of black and white photographs culled from the many cities Summers photographed over the past several years, from London to China. Nights after concerts, he headed out into the hearts of Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, London, or Rome, exploring the world with his camera in hand, capturing the unusual, the odd, the exotic, and the remarkable moment, and transforming his perception of these moments into his own artistic vision.

“My life is full of impulse and movement,” remarks Summers. “My guitar and camera are fixed instruments, the only constants in a world of change.”

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