Billboard Magazine spotlights Andy Summers’ “Adinkra”

One of Andy Summers’ tracks for the new album Tribulominiscence, “Adinkra” was featured by the Billboard magazine.

Photo by Mo Summers

“Adinkra” was one of the album’s more labored-over tracks, going through what Summers calls “some incredible changes. I had a sound on one of the devices that sounded almost like a full Indian orchestra. I was so taken with it I thought, ‘Oh my God, what an amazing sound,’ so I laid down the melody that you hear as ‘Adinkra.’

But then I had another drummer play on it but it came out almost like a Middle Eastern belly dancing rhythm, which at the time I thought was really cool but then as I sort of lived with it I came up with another rhythmic idea myself on drums that gave it a different attitude and made it more of a West African track, sort of a High Life guitar style around the melodic line. I was trying to find the sort of inner voice of the piece, if you like, and that’s when I thought, ‘OK, I’ve got the attitude now. It’s much cooler. It’s got soul.’  

The article was written by Gary Graff.

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