Andy Summers’ Circa Zero, ‘Levitation’: Exclusive Song Premiere on Billboard

The Police guitarist set out to make a “real rock-driven band record” with his new group… Circa Zero’s debut album, “Circus Hero,” is due March 25

Andy Summers says that touring with the Police during 2007-2008 whetted his appetite to play in a rock band again — and helped give birth to his new group, Circa Zero, whose debut album, “Circus Hero,” comes out March 25.


Though his solo work has tended to be in jazz, World and experimental music, Summers tells Billboard that “it was obviously exciting to be out there playing rock again. I certainly felt like I could do it again. But you’ve got to remember I came out of a band that was probably one of the biggest bands of all time, an incredible band with a really great vocalist, and that’s a very hard thing to follow with another band and not get slagged off for it — unless you find some absolute magic with another singer. It was a daunting thing to try.”

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