Andy Summers booksigning at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, January 8

WHAT: Andy Summers, renowned guitarist, member of The Police and celebrated photographer will make his only Los Angeles public appearance to sign copies of his new book: ‘I’LL BE WATCHING YOU: INSIDE THE POLICE 1980-1983’ (TASCHEN,, $39.99, 376 pages)

WHEN: Tuesday, January 8, 2008 6pm

WHERE: Amoeba Music, 6400 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA For information call: 323-245-6400

DETAILS: Beginning in 1980, Summers documented The Police, behind the scenes in a series of candid and striking black and white photos. Possessing a visual gift for composition and mood allowed him to capture the spirit of The Police more intimately than anyone else. Summers, one of the most prolific guitarists of all time, is now in the midst of The Police sold-out tour celebrating their 30th reunion. The book a combination of photojournalism and illustrated diary, follows The Police around the globe between 1980 and 1983. From the American West to Australia to Japan, Summers recorded not only the band members rehearsing and partying – the proverbial sex, drugs, and rock and roll – he also photographed fans, landscapes, still lifes, and passersby in a reportage style reminiscent of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank. Containing over 600 photos and filled with diary-style entries, ‘I’ll Be Watching You’ is a sumptuous volume beating with musical energy, nostalgia, and atmospheric beauty. A must for photo buffs and Police fans alike.

This is your once chance in Los Angeles to have Andy Summers personally sign a copy of ‘I’LL BE WATCHING YOU: INSIDE THE POLICE 1980-1983′. A print of one of Summers’ photographs will also be auctioned by Amoeba Music, with proceeds to benefit WaterAid.

This event is free and open to the public.