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Nazraeli, 2009

Desirer Walks the Streets presents a dark stream of black and white photographs that are culled from Andy Summers’s life as a traveling musician. From a working life that outwardly would appear to be extroverted and chaotic, Summers has created a set of quietly compelling images that contradict the obvious. Made between 1983 and 2008, with a preference for the night shot, and covering a wide geographical graph from the Alto Plano of Bolivia to the alleys of the Golden Gai in Tokyo, the photographs convey a sense of intimacy, surrealism and situations that may be described as ‘in media res.’


Nazraeli, 2009

The insider: The Police on tour photographed by guitarist Andy Summers.

In the early 1980s, The Police went on tour accompanied by a photographer who documented the band behind the scenes in a series of candid and striking black and white photos. This talented photographer also happened to be the band’s guitarist, Andy Summers. Yes, it’s true, the man responsible for the guitar lick from “Every Breath You Take” was not only the backbone of one of the most popular bands of all time, he also possessed a visual gift for composition and mood that allowed him to capture the spirit of The Police better thananyone else could have.


Thomas Dunne Books, 2006

In this intimate, revealing work, Andy Summers writes fluidly about his first guitar, his experiences with earlier bands, his relationships and encounters with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, and The Police, and more.



Chronicle Books, 2004

Can you not possibly get enough guitar? Neither can photographer Ralph Gibson and guitarist Andy Summers, who’ve come together to create “Light Strings: Impressions of the Guitar” an exhibit touring the Hermes galleries of New York, Los Angeles, and Paris this fall. Photography by Ralph Gibson, essays by Andy Summers.



William Morrow & Company, 1983

Andy Summers’ 1983 black and white photography book Throb documents his travels and life on the road with the Police. Throb was originally published by the William Morris Press Label and is currently out of print.


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