Andy Summers Goes In Depth on His Exotic New Solo Album

#UltimateClassicRock featured Andy Summers’ newest album Triboluminescence. A track by track videos of three of his music can be seen in an article written by Nick deRiso. Watch as Police guitarist Andy Summers discuss three tracks from his 14th solo album Triboluminescence, including the title track, “If Anything” and “Adinkra.” The project, which arrived via […]

Andy Summers at the Grammy Museum

Grammy Award-winning guitarist Andy Summers delighted the crowd as he graced The Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum on Thursday, March 23. The event was capped off with an intimate discussion on his career, creative process and latest album, “Triboluminescence” (available March 24). Find out more about the event and check his photos in […]

New Genre of Music in Andy Summers’ New Album ‘Triboluminiscence’

Watch Andy Summers talk about these tracks If Anything, Triboluminescence and Adinkra from his new album Triboluminescence which will be available worldwide on March 24th!

Triboluminescence Now Available Worldwide!

Today marks the official release of TRIBOLUMINESCENCE, the 14th solo album from multi GRAMMY®-award winning artist ANDY SUMMERS. The album is released by Flickering Shadow Productions available on all digital platforms in the U.S. and via Amazon, and distributed by Cargo Records in the U.K.  To listen and buy the album visit the following sites […]

Andy Summers Gives Us a Glimpse of His New Solo Album ‘Triboluminescence’

The Police former guitarist and Grammy-winning artist Andy Summers gives us a peek into three of his songs from the “Triboluminiscence” album. He talks about  ‘Elephant Bird’, ‘Shadyland’ and ‘Haunted Dolls’ which are all part of the new album. Available worldwide on March 24th!