Andy Summers and Rob Giles on the Adam Carolla Show

Andy Summers and Rob Giles are in studio. Adam talks with Andy about the foundations of The Police, working with Sting, and how Rob and Andy started making music together. Listen to the episode here

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Former Police guitarist Andy Summers has done it all — including starting a new band at 72

“I’ve been through the whole thing you can do with a rock band,” says Andy Summers. He’s not kidding. Even before joining The Police, the guitarist had jammed with Jimi Hendrix in L.A. and with Eric Clapton in London, recorded a crossover album with an orchestra of Hungarian refugees in Munich, broken his nose in […]

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QA: Andy Summers on new band Circa Zero and Police’s last act

Police guitarist Andy Summers has a new band, Circa Zero, that rocks as hard as anything he’s done in his long, arresting career. Summers sat down with FOX411 to discuss Circa Zero, his upcoming documentary, and what The Police could possibly do as its final act. FOX411: I understand Circa Zero’s album title was inspired […]

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